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Tirtha Das

Growth Hacker | Performance Marketer


"This should be fun..."

This was the first thought that came into my mind when I was introduced to copywriting.

Why..? Because I was about to get paid for what I was good at (Selling), that too, without uttering a single word. I was so excited I dropped the college placement and without even a graduation degree I went on to explore the world of marketing.

Went on to start Tatermedia without much experience and knowledge and vision, little did I realise that I was the Titanic who judged the iceberg by its tip. The good thing was I was the modern-day Titanic with super-sensitive radar that could detect the iceberg from miles away, so I put a pin on the Tatermedia and started exploring the frontend and backend of marketing as a freelancer.

If you are in business, you know how hard the technical parts of marketings are. It not only starts from strategising the funnel but it requires a tech-savvy team comprised of creativist, analyst and developer to work together to run the business on automation. Which is why people prefer Growth Marketers.

And below is my story as a Growth Marketer.

And I don't know why people call it a portfolio...


Skills to Navigate


Google Ads


Started my journey as...

Performance Marketing

World of Youtube Ads & Facebook Ads

Tracking & Automation

Growth marketing to moon

Started as Social Media Manager (V.A), "As you have got to start on some point" then pivot to a high paying domain & double down to become an expert in the subject. This strategy made me an expert on:

  • -Email Marketing

  • -Ad Copies

  • -VSL Copies

  • -Landing Page Copies

In a world full of Facebook ads experts, I don't want to be the one, but curiosity can take you to places where experts can't. This is why I started learning the backend of how algorithms and ads actually work. When I learned to break down every metric & KPIs it started to tell a different story altogether. This was a light bulb moment of tracking and analysis of Youtube ads and Facebook ads. Look at the results below.

This was the cherry on the cake this Growth marketer needs to run his as well as his client's business on Automation. And he worked hard to learn:

  • Email Automation

  • Funnel Automation 

  • and GTM


Copywriting Section

Ad Copies

Landing Pages